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SD-WAN Solutions by Industry

Our Global SD-WAN solutions support all industries, including enterprise, healthcare, finance and banking and restaurants and QSRs. Our solutions will increase the efficiencies of your network and applications and ensure a secure infrastructure while lowering your operating costs.


Enterprise businesses are seeking ways to transform their legacy networks to be more efficient and operate more effectively. We provide a diverse set of enterprise networking solutions for your overall network and branch office locations. 


Healthcare institutions rely heavily on technology. Having a stable and reliable network has never been more important. Our SD-WAN solutions are built, managed and monitored for you. Our globally-connected, redundant network is designed for performance and reliability to keep your most critical services running consistently around the clock.

Banking & Financial

Major technology shifts are impacting the financial industry and changing the way companies do business. As financial services shift from being offered through physical locations to the cloud, SD-WAN offers the infrastructure your business needs. With SD-WAN you can manage your network more efficiently by using intelligent software to effortlessly manage multiple branch locations while ensuring security against intrusion and fraud. All of this can be accomplished while reducing unnecessary hardware and overhead costs.

Restaurants & QSRs

We help restaurants operate more efficiently so they can deliver exceptional service to their customers. Our SD-WAN solutions ensure you are always connected without interruption. We also provide a full spectrum of voice services making it easy to purchase everything you need from one provider. Let us take the headaches out of your network.




Syringa Networks is transforming Wide Area Networks
into state-of-the-art SD-WANs.


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