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How does Global SD-WAN replace MPLS connectivity?

SD-WAN technology does not necessarily replace MPLS services, but rather can augment MPLS services in a Hybrid WAN configuration. Our customers can utilize our SD-WAN service to combine MPLS circuits with public broadband or LTE circuits to increase the reliability of their wide area networks. For small branch deployments SD-WAN can replace MPLS services by using only public broadband connections, however, in these cases multiple broadband connections are recommended to increase reliability. Syringa Networks' Global SD-WAN is also comprised of multiple gateways located in strategic datacenters throughout the world. In creating a global backbone fabric, we have engineered a cloud environment that allows for a higher level of flexibility and reliability for our customer’s wide area networks. Leveraging a combination of last mile services via public broadband and MPLS connectivity to our distributed cloud gateways, our customers have the flexibility to craft a solution that best suits their networking requirements.


How is SD-WAN performance ensured over broadband links?

If network performance is a top customer priority and you are using public broadband connections, Syringa Networks can implement an SD-WAN solution using Forward Error Correction and Dynamic Path Optimization technologies to ensure the quality of your network. Also, our Network Operations Center (NOC) proactively monitors the performance of all network links and interfaces across our global network. Parameters such as capacity, congestion, latency, packet loss, and jitter are closely surveilled to comply with our service level agreements. 


Can I still use my existing firewall with SD-WAN?

Customers can utilize their existing firewall or they can utilize Syringa Networks’ managed firewall service that is integrated with our Global SD-WAN service. If a customer chooses to use their own firewall, Syringa Networks can provision our SD-WAN appliance behind the firewall to ensure the service is secure. If the customer chooses to utilize Syringa Networks’ managed firewall service, we will provision our SD-WAN appliance with an integrated next-generation firewall.


How reliable is Global SD-WAN if only Internet circuits are used?

Global SD-WAN can be extremely resilient. However, it is important to understand that SD-WAN reliability increases only with the use of multiple public Internet connections together. While lower cost Internet access such as DSL, Cable Modem, and some types of wireless delivery methods may seem attractive due to the price, these are generally asymmetrical and highly oversubscribed. While this may work for a smaller office with low data requirements, it is best to select the appropriate network connection for the application. Doing this will ensure that your Global SD-WAN deployment is as reliable as possible. Our expert Sales and Sales Engineering team can greatly assist in vetting the right Internet delivery method for your applications and requirements.


How easy is it to upgrade bandwidth or add locations to an existing deployment?

Bandwidth upgrades and adding new locations can be quick and easy with our Global SD-WAN service. Since SD-WAN typically utilizes public broadband connections, which usually install in days or weeks instead of months like fiber-based services, upgrades and new installations can turn up very quickly. If a new site needs to turn-up extremely fast, wireless LTE can be used to get the site up in a few days instead of months. Our Sales team can assist you with turning up new locations or adding bandwidth.


Can Global SD-WAN operate in conjunction with my existing network as an overlay?

Syringa Networks' Global SD-WAN solution can easily operate as an overlay on your existing network. Our SD-WAN service is transport agnostic and can operate over existing MPLS, Private Line, Internet/Broadband, and LTE connections. Our SD-WAN configuration can utilize Dynamic Path Selection to ensure that your traffic routes over the best transport connection possible. With our Global SD-WAN solution we can easily augment your existing MPLS network. 


What sort of latency performance can I expect with SD-WAN?

Syringa Networks' Global SD-WAN service utilizes the latest latency mitigation technologies. By using SD-WAN with multiple broadband links in conjunction with our cloud-based gateways and SaaS Onramps we can engineer your network for the lowest possible latency. Our SD-WAN service rides Syringa Networks' cloud backbone that is located at major datacenters throughout the world which helps ensure superior performance. Coupled with Syringa Networks hyper-peered Internet service our customers can expect latency performance well within the tolerance of their most demanding applications.


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