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Managed SD-WAN vs Do It Yourself SD-WAN

An SD-WAN solution will optimize and transform your network. It will improve overall performance by making it extremely reliable, redundant and more secure. It is closely managed and monitored to provide every user with an exceptional experience. So how do you choose the right SD-WAN provider? First you have to decide if you have the skillset in-house to achieve this undertaking, i.e. DIY SD-WAN, or would it be best to utilize the expertise of an SD-WAN provider. Most companies would prefer to utilize an experienced SD-WAN service provider.  

Here are some factors to consider as you start to explore the implemention of an SD-WAN solution.


  • Is SD-WAN simple to deploy and manage?

  • Implementing an SD-WAN solution is not as plug and play as advertised because currently there are no set SD-WAN standards. It's as complex as creating and managing any other private network; often more as you need to integrate your private network securely and redundantly in the hybrid environment. Deploying the SD-WAN CPE may be easy, but ensuring your other services are reconfigured to take advantage of your new SD-WAN can be complex. Ongoing management can be tricky too.

  • What are you purchasing?

  • Hardware and maintenance contracts. Buying a technology that requires your IT resources to manage all CPE, SaaS and access providers. You'll need to manage and monitor network services as well.

  • Management Applications

  • With a DIY solution, you should expect a very basic supplied portal. With a Managed SD-WAN solution you will receive a Custom Customer Portal.

  • IT Support

  • Deploying SD-WAN as a DIY model can be time consuming for an IT team. It requires vendor specific knowledge and a deep understanding of how the disparate services at your location(s) interoperate and will need to be modified to utilize your SD-WAN or it becomes a risky proposition.

  • Diverse Access

  • Need to contract and manage each access provider on a market by market basis.

  • Are all SD-WAN solutions created equal?

  • IT relies on vendor supplied public gateways, building out private gateways (at a substantial cost), or connecting your locations through a central Datacenter and a DIY approach to connecting with SaaS providers. Redundancy and performance are dependent on location and architecture of gateways or aggregation points.

  • The role of the Network Service Provider?

  • The main point here is, even if you use the same technology provider, all SD-WAN services are not created equal.

  • SLAs

  • Only hardware SLAs as provided by the equipment vendor and no application or service SLAs are typically provided.

  • CapEx vs. Opex. Which one is the right one for your business when it comes to IT?

  • In a CapEx IT model, the price of control is high and has all up front costs.
    In a OpEx IT model, the price is more economical especially when one considers the cost associated with maintaining, managing and upgrading IT equipment. In a managed relationship, the upkeep rests with the host managing your network, not your company.


Selecting the right third party service provider to deploy, implement, monitor and manage is critical to your overall business. Let us be your solution provider and customize an SD-WAN solution specifically for your business. We have the right combination of experience, reliability and a worldwide global network to be your strategic partner. We will focus on securing your network while you focus on growing your business.


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