Global SD-WAN Features


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Global SD-WAN Features

To modernize and update your wide area network requires features and we have the SD-WAN features that you need. With Syringa Networks' Global SD-WAN solution you can implement a state-of-the-art wide area network that will increase the efficiency of your applications, improve network security and lower your operating costs.

Our MEF compliant SD-WAN solutions have the features that will extend your global reach and can connect you more efficiently to the cloud. Our Global SD-WAN service is transport agnostic, provides dynamic path selection with path optimization and has all of the advanced security features that you need.

  • Global Reach icon

    Global Reach

    Our global network with over 20 major world-wide points-of-presence provides world-class SD-WAN "on-ramp" capabilities.

  • Cloud Connectivity icon

    Cloud Connectivity

    Connect your network directly to the cloud provider of your choice such as AWS, Azure, Google, Office 365, IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce.

  • Dynamic Path Selection icon

    Dynamic Path Selection

    Optimize your network with dynamic path selection to ensure your applications always select the most efficient paths.

  • Transport Agnostic icon

    Transport Agnostic

    You can always choose the most cost effective transport option available because SD-WAN can utilize internet, MPLS, LTE or basic broadband.

  • Advanced Security icon

    Advanced Security

    Lessen your concerns about security by implementing SD-WAN with integrated firewall, intrusion prevention, URL filtering and malware protection.

  • Path Optimization icon

    Path Optimization

    Protect your critical data from packet loss by utilizing dynamic path optimization with Forward Error Correction (FEC).

  • Zero-touch Provisioning icon

    Zero-touch Provisioning

    Automate and lower your cost of remote branch configurations and deployments using zero-touch provisioning.

  • Cloud-based Console icon

    Centralized Cloud-based Console

    Gain efficiencies by implementing a cloud-based management console to manage, monitor and view all of your locations from a single pane of glass.

  • Fully Managed SD-WAN icon

    Fully Managed

    We provide a fully managed SD-WAN solution that is tailored to your business. We will procure, build, deploy, and manage your service from end-to-end.

Syringa Networks is transforming Wide Area Networks
into state-of-the-art SD-WANs.


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